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Beauty Products care
A look at the various beauty products, treatments, effectiveness and prices
Compared to a few decades ago, when people believed in "simple living, high thinking" increasingly people are judged almost exclusively based on their appearance as the decision makers in most countries blindly believe that everything else can be easily manipulated misusing the latest advantages in technology. Most companies and individuals in 2015, do not care for the other qualities of an individual like honesty, experience, intelligence, work ethic, risk taking ability, loyalty, especially for women.
Hence women, especially those working in large corporates, who are career conscious are forced to spend a large amount on various beauty products and treatment to improve their appearance, so that they do not get a raw deal. Even otherwise women who are not good looking are openly discriminated against, denied information and opportunities they deserved and often falsely accused because for powerful officials, the beauty of a woman is the most accurate indicator of her honesty and competence.
While looking young and beautful remains the primary aim of using the various beauty products, these products can be further classified into different categories depending on the part of the face or body they are targetting. Some of the categories are
Fake eyelashes, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow,
Rouge, Blush
Lipstick, lipgloss , lipbalm
Anti wrinkle products
Fairness creams
Cleanser, toner

While women who come from relatively well off families will learn to use these beauty products from their mother or relatives, women whose mother was extremely poor in her youth will not know about these products and find it difficult to get information on beauty products and grooming due to their social background. Similarly in engineering, there are relatively few women, a female engineer may not be aware of these products, how to use them, till late in their career when the appearance of the woman becomes a major factor determining promotions and career prospects.
A large number of beauty products and treatments are available today, after a lot of research. There are also many home made beauty treatments. However the effectiveness of these products will vary to a very great extent from woman to woman due to the different in genetic composition, age and lifestyle. Depending on the revenues, the various products will be reviewed over a period of time as many of these products are extremely expensive
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